When I eat, I live;         

Dut when I drink, I die.

What am I?

My teacher writes on me with chalk.

My face is black, I cannot talk;

Inlike the boys, whose voices hum

I do my work although I'm dumb.

It is not a bush, but has leaves;

It is not a shirt, but sewn together;

It has no tongue, but tells a tale.

He is not French, he is not Greek;

He tells us how to write and speak,

But in a languge not our own-

Which none of us could do alone.

What word of three syllables contains twenty-six letters?

He came to us before new Year a healthy, merry fellow.

But every day he loses weight, and in a year he'll fade away.

This old Granny has only one eye and a long thin tail that dances behind; wherever she dances on the cloth a bit of her tail is left in it.

These two brothers live not very far apart, one on the left,one on the right; But they never see each other.

I met a creature on the road;On its back it had a load.

It wasn't an ass and it wasn't a cow,Though two horns grew on its brow.

Not a horseman, but wears spurs.

Not a watchman, but wakes people up.

A watchdog at your door am I,

You turn me round and still I lie.

I never bark and I never bite,

I keep your things quite safe at night.

We are very large though we seem small,

We float on high and never fall,

We shine like jewels in the night,

But in the day are hidden from sight.

What man cannot live inside the house?

A little fellow

Dresses in grey,

Hops here and there

And never goes away.

A box and a disk

But not a simple thing;

It can sing,

It can speak,

It can play lovely tunes.

WHAT AM I?      

I am up, and I am down.

Up and down.

Up and down!

I am made of string and wood.

Would you like me?

Yes, you would.

So, eou see, I am not shy,

Now, please, tell me,

What am I?

It is always round,

It can jump and fall,

In the air, on the ground

We can see a rubber...

Our little John

Yas a woolen shirt on

And a long sharp nose.

He leaves his mark

Wherever he goes.

It is an iron house, and the lodgers in it carry news.

I strike each hour. But don't forget,you mustn't strike me,

My good friend.

It is long and thin,but has a hundred teeth.

It nibbles wood that makes its food.

It always beats and hops;It never sleeps or stops;

Life-long we don't part with our little...

At first I am green and small,like alittle ball.

Then grow I red and bigger still.

And when I blacken in the sun,you say I'm ripe and eat me up.

It is a very old and still it shines.Just four weeks old,and never will be five.

What is white outside and yellow inside?

Furry and purry with long whiskers.

What star is not seen in the sky?

Six legs,

Two heads,

One tail,

What is it?

A person looked at a portrait and said: "Sisters and brothers have I none, but the man in the portrait is my father's son".

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