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The Truth Behind the BMW 7-Series' Ridiculously Massive Grille

Posted by Alexander Duganov on Thursday, June 27, 2019, In : Auto 

To the 8271 Americans who bought a BMW 7-series last year: You're being blamed for this, but it's not really your fault. BMW says that the massive grille on the 2020 7er is a response to customer demand from the car's two largest markets. Yes, you people made America No. 2, but approximately 20,000 buyers made China No. 1. So when BMW says it was responding to those customer groups, the Chinese were about 150 percent louder than the Americans-and restraint is apparently not h...

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Volkswagen goes full America with its truck concept

Posted by Alexander Duganov on Thursday, March 29, 2018, In : Auto 

 Roberto Baldwin,Engadget

Volkswagen automaker really wants you to know that it's building cars for America. In fact, at the New York Auto Show it delivered a concept vehicle that might as well have had the Stars and Stripes painted on the side of it. Get your tailgate parties ready for the Atlas Tanoak truck.

Volkswagen's head of design Klaus Bischoff said that the truck is, "built for America by Americans" in reference to its plant in Tennessee where the Tanoak would be built if the automaker...

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